Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not Our First Time...

You never know what you'll find when you google yourself. In order to see if this new blog of ours here at blogger would pop up on a google search I dutifully googled Regulator Bookshop. Strangely enough (probably not strange to those in the know re. how search engines work, but seemingly strange to one such as I who is way in the dark re. such complexities of modern life) this blog did not come up on the first two or three pages of hits. (Does anybody ever go beyond the 2nd or 3rd page of a search engine search?) But what did come up was an old blog of ours, which you can view here. I haven't had the chance to ask around amongst the staff to see who did that blog, but hopefully whoever did those posts back in September 2003 will be willing to write some over here at the new blog. We're still getting this going and so far I'm the only staff member blogging, but as time passes I know others will take turns putting their two cents in.
Looking at the old blog made me realize that I hadn't personally identified myself as the composer of our two previous posts. I'm most familiar with blogs that have one author, but here we will have multiple authors so we should each identify ourselves as we post. So, enough with the anonymity thing, my name is David Felton. I've been working at the shop since 1998. This year is my tenth here at The Regulator; how time flies when you're having fun. This week has been relatively quiet around here. We had Sarah Murray, author of MOVEABLE FEASTS, here last night, so if any of you missed her appearance and want to pick up a signed copy of her book just stop by and ask for one.
One of my favorite authors who calls Durham home, Haven Kimmel, stopped by the store last week and gave me an advance reader edition (AR for short in book biz lingo) of her forthcoming novel IODINE. Due out in August of this year IODINE is from the Simon & Schuster imprint Free Press. For a preview of the book check out what the Simon & Schuster website has to say here. Also new from Haven, and on shelves now, is her second book aimed at younger audiences (but well worth the time of all ages), KALINE KLATTERMASTER'S TREE HOUSE. For more on this title, also from Simon & Schuster, see here.
I'll wrap up this post now with a word of encouragement to any who read this to feel free to leave comments regarding what sorts of things you might want us to post about in the future, or anything else you have on your mind. Now is your chance to pick the brains of your friendly local booksellers. Thanks for stopping by, y'all come again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Opened the doors in 1976. Beginning to blog in 2008.

Welcome to our brand new web log. We here at The Regulator Bookshop are starting this blog to give folks some more insight into the goings on here at the store.