Friday, October 26, 2012

Jane Austen (and Katy Munger) at The Regulator

Join us on Wednesday November 14th, at 7:00 p.m. when Durham author Katy Munger leads our latest "Blast from The Past" book discussion -- a celebration of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  

Katy is issuing a special invitation to the men of Durham: she asks you to swallow your pride and set aside your prejudice about Austen. It is time for you to join the women of Durham in celebrating Austen's remarkable ability to capture the essence of unforgettable secondary characters with a single phrase or mannerism. Forget Lizzie. Ignore Mr. Darcy. November 14th will be a time to examine how Austen has managed to paint a devastating portrait of virtually every male archetype in a single volume. And the women?  Let's talk about those sisters, all of them... and that mother... and let us not forget Lady Catherine de Bourgh or Miss Bingley. We've all known the modern version of them!

(Please note that the special invitation to men does not extend to zombies...).

As part of the evening, you are asked to come prepared to admit to feeling a certain kinship with one of the book's characters. You are also welcome to come prepared to read the paragraph that made you feel that way, though nothing is required. It will be an unconventional and entertaining discussion of Pride and Prejudice sure to be enjoyed whether you are a hardcore Austen fan or have always wondered what the fuss was about.  Don't miss it!

Durham resident Katy Munger is the author of seven fabulous mystery novels--which certainly more than qualifies her as an "accomplished woman" in the view of Jane Austen.

Our Blast From the Past Reading Series meets at the bookshop every other month. For each meeting, a local literary luminary picks a favorite book published in the 20th century or before. The only further qualification is that the book be one that a reasonably well read person will have heard of, and perhaps read.