Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Support Free Parking on Ninth Street!

Please send the mayor and city council a brief email (to council@durhamNC.gov) asking them to keep free parking on Ninth Street and in the Ninth Street lot. City staff is recommending to the council that the city begin charging for parking on Ninth Street, to pay for expenses associated with the new development on the west side of the street. But the new development is bringing the city plenty of new revenue to pay for these expenses—and to keep the parking free.

Paid parking will discourage people from shopping on Ninth Street, it will create the need for guards to be posted on the sea of free parking just about to open between the new Harris Teeter and Ninth Street, and it will discriminate against people who shop during the daytime, since parking will be free after 6:00 p.m. So you will be able to park for free to come to Ninth Street to drink late at night, but you will have to pay to park if you want to buy books at The Regulator during the day.

If none of this makes much sense to you, please send an email telling the city council that you support keeping parking on Ninth Street free.

Thank you!
From The Regulator and the other independent locally owned businesses on Ninth Street.