Tuesday, November 17, 2009

eBook vs. Paper?

You may not be able to enjoy the smell of a new eBook or enjoy the feel of flipping of through its pages, but now on your iPhone you can search for and purchase eBooks from independent booksellers across the United States.

IndieBound.org has gotten in on the act as well. The main book search on the site now includes eBooks along with regular results, and a special list of Indie Next List Favorites in eBooks has been added.

If you go to the Regulator website, and use our "Search for Books" feature, you can choose to search through regular books or eBooks, too.


dan said...

Hi Tom, re flipping pages on an ebook? FLIPPING might be not be the correct word, since flipping means physically turning pages over, but on a e reader device, one touches the screen and slides the finger across the screen to get to the new page or menu item, and on a Kindle one pushes the next page button......FLIP? maybe we need a new word for this action on e devices? I am have suggested SLIDE here: what do you think?

i have a question for you....you know when we flip
pages of a print book or magazine or newspaper, we are actually
physically FLIPPING, turning over, the pages...... thus the word:
FLIP.....but when we use a touch screen on a iPhone or read on a
Kindle or nook, we still say in English that we are "flipping" the
pages of the book we are reading on the Kindle, or that we are
flipping through the menu or apps on the iPhone, as Eric Schmidt used
the word in his recent WSJ oped on Google and snailpapers, titled "How
Google can help snailpapers"......But is FLIP the right word to use
for digital devices, SINCE we are NOT really physically flipping a
page.......? maybe we need a new word for this action.......?

I came up with the word "slide" for this, instead of FLIP, as in "I
like to slide from menu item to menu item on my iPhone...." or "With
my Kindle, it's easy and quiet to slide from one page to another..."

Worth promoting? use of the word SLIDE for flip?

of course, we still say DIAL the cellphone even though we are not
dialing it..... and we still say TYPE an email, even though we are not
using a typerwriter, so flip is okay...but maybe SLIDE is better for
the future?

your POV

dan said...

from www.UrbanDictionary.com



(v.) -- to move your e-reading device's screen-view quietly and effortlessly from page to page on a Kindle or an iPhone, or to move from one link to another, or from one part of an online article to another part

"I like sliding from page to page on my Kindle. It's just like flipping through the pages of a book or a magazine or a print newspaper, but I can slide in a much quieter and more convenient way. "

Anonymous said...

I think it’s perfectly clear that the advantage lies in the fact that you can hold a plethora of books in one book-like device, such as the kindle or the recently brought out iPad, so basically the arguement is amount of books vs. personal feeling. Many of my friends use their Kindles on a day to day basis and refuse to read a regular book.