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For Valentine's: Books, cards, wine and song

As we once more approach that red-letter day, February 14th--

our thoughts turn to matters both silly and serious. Matters of the heart. As booksellers, we feel that most books worth reading engage the heart as well as the mind, so we have hundreds, if not thousands of suitable Valentine's Day presents lining our shelves. We mention a few of the more obvious choices below. And as always we have a marvelous selection of Valentine's cards.


Then next Friday evening, February 13, we host our 7th Annual Valentine's Cabaret, with vocalist Ellen Ciompi, pianist Glenn Mehrback, and bassist Robbie Link. Ellen's theme this year will be "I Love New York." Come to hear songs old and new, saluting the Big Apple from the skin to the core. The post-concert reception will feature wine from Ellen's husband, wine critic Arturo Ciompi. Tickets are 15.00, available in the store or through our website. This event has sold out the past few years, so don't wait until the last minute!


Earlier next week, before Ellen comes to croon,we host two authors who hail from the far-away town of Chapel Hill-Mike Mayo and Samuel Lopez Barrantes. See below for our complete February events schedule.




Books for Valentine's Day

Love 2.0: Creating Happiness and Health in Moments of Connection by Barbara Fredrickson. (Plume, paperback, $16.00). Going beyond romance, Fredrickson makes the case that love involves acknowledging and appreciating moments of connection with other human beings-even strangers, and goes on to explore the idea and practice of loving kindness.


Funny Girl: A Novel by Nick Hornby. (Riverhead, hardback, $27.95) A comedy and a love story about the making of a (fictionalized) 1960's BBC television series-which happens to be a comedy and a love story. Just out, this book has already garnered great reviews. In the words of the New York Times, "Hornby is a writer who dares to be witty, intelligent and emotionally generous all at once."


The Jane Austen Rules: A Classic Guide to Modern Love by Sinead Murphy (Melville House, $15.95, paperback). What would Jane do?, updated and wittily explained. But beware. Rule #2 is "Find a Man, Not a Guy." Ms. Murphy explains that a guy is...well guys, let's just say this could get a lot of us in trouble!


A Valentine for Charlie Brown by Charles M Schulz (Fantagraphics Books, hardback, $9.99). Humor, warmth, and plenty of disappointment with good old Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Sally, and "The Little Red-Haired Girl."




February Events at the Regulator


Wednesday, February 11, 7:00 p.m.

In Mike Mayo's latest mystery, Everybody Goes To Jimmy's, Young Jimmy Quinn is delivering a bribe for the infamous racketeer Arnold Rothstein when a bomb goes off on Wall Street, killing thirty people and scaring every banker in the city right down to his spats. Twelve years later, Rothstein is dead, and Jimmy is doing his best to stay out of trouble, running a quiet little Manhattan speakeasy. At a particularly bad moment for him and his favorite waitress, a blast rocks the alley outside and draws him right back into the madness of a dozen years ago.  Mayo will be in the store to read and sign books.Mayo has written about film for The Washington Postand The Roanoke Times. He was the host of the nationally-syndicated Movie Show on Radio and Max and Mike On the Movies. He is the author of American Murder: Criminals, Crime and the Media. A member of the Mystery Writers of America, he lives in Chapel Hill.



Thursday, February 12, 7:00 p.m.

In his novel Slim and the Beast, Chapel Hill writer Samuel Barrantes introduces the reader to Sergeant Chandler Dykes.  Dykes is obsessed with two misfits: Slim, a former cadet and disillusioned Iraq veteran with a brutal neck scar, and his best friend, The Beast, a college basketball star with a proclivity for cooking. As Slim and The Beast sidle up to a bar to take shelter from a hurricane, they strike up a conversation with the bartender, and learn that Sgt. Dykes has been haunting the place, raving about opossums, bathtub whiskey, and his estranged cadet, Slim. As the three men swap tales in hopes of understanding Dykes' obsession, they are forced to confront their own troubled pasts. With dexterous prose and unflinching humor, wrapped in the rich dialect of the South, the conversations at Lockart's traverse art, love, sex, and philosophy, while warily observing the increasingly savage storm and the ghosts it seems to be dredging up.  Barrantes will be in the store to read and sign books.



Friday, February 13, 7:00 p.m.

From Ellen: "I love New York! This year's Valentine's Cabaret will be "EMC/NYC", a love song to the city of my birth, my fantasies, and my dreams. Hope you can bring someone special and enjoy an evening of songs new and familiar, by composers old and contemporary, each illuminating some notable aspect of the Big Apple--from the skin to the core. With music director/pianist Glenn Mehrbach, and bassist Robbie Link. Tickets are $15.00, and include a post-concert wine and meet and greet with the artists. So come on down to The Regulator Bookshop for your evening in New York, without the traffic on I-95 or the hassle of TSA screening--although you can always take off your shoes if that makes you happy!"

This event sold out last year so get your tickets early! Tickets are available at The Regulator and on our website.



Tuesday, February 17, 7:00 p.m.

There was a time when being a part of a church was not a decision you made but a reality you inhabited. But today belonging to the church has become a lost art, especially for millennials whose church experience is often summed up in one word: none. Erin Lane's church experience might be better described in two words: "It's complicated." In Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobeshe  has an appreciation for liturgy and covenant community. Having graduated from divinity school and taken a job in spiritual formation, she appreciates the structured, shared pursuit of theological and spiritual integrity. Having married a pastor, she sort of had church coming. Yet she wasn't always sure how to belong. With earnest persistence, Erin practiced the hard (and often surprising) lessons of community. Her story is an invitation to reclaim God's promise of inclusion and live like we belong to one another.  Lane holds a masters degree from the Duke Divinity School.



Wednesday, February 18, 7:00 p.m.

In The Wisdom of Perversity, celebrated novelist Rafael Yglesias tells the story of Brian and Jeff.  They were best friends leading lives of promise in New York City in the late 1960s, until something happened that brought an end to both their childhood and their friendship. Forty years later, when their secret surfaces in a terrible new context, they are forced to reunite by Jeff's cousin, Julie, who was also a victim of their childhood trauma. Together they must decide whether to tell all--unbalancing their lives and threatening their future--or continue to hide the truth and allow others to be victimized.  Yglesias is the author of A Happy Marriageand Fearless. In addition to his novels, he has also written screenplays--for the film versions of Fearless, Les Miserables, and Dark Water, among others.



Saturday, February 21, 11:00 a.m.

When people don't get rain for a long time, we call it a drought. People hardly realize that their community is in a drought until their lakes and other drinking supplies run low. That doesn't happen very often, thank goodness. But it happens every year to thousands of tadpoles that hatch from frog eggs laid in mud puddles. Fortunately, most of these tadpoles grow legs & are able to hop away before their mud puddles dry up. The Fate of a Frogis Durham author Melissa Rooney's Dr.-Suess-inspired story about a frog's plight to escape its birth puddle and Stacy Fabbre's smile-provoking illustrations are sure to capture the imaginations of child and adult readers and listeners, alike.  Rooney will be in the store for an interactive children's event.



Wednesday, February 25, 7:00 p.m.

Family Language Learning: Learn Another Language, Raise Bilingual Children is a practical guide designed to support, advise and encourage any parents who are hoping to raise their children bilingually. It is unique in that it focuses on parents who are not native speakers of a foreign language. It gives parents the tools they need to cultivate and nurture their own language skills while giving their children an opportunity to learn another language. The book combines cutting-edge research on language exposure with honest and often humorous stories from personal interviews with families speaking a foreign language at home. By dispelling long-held myths about how language is learned, it provides hope to parents who want to give their children bilingual childhoods, but feel they don?t know where to start with learning foreign languages. Jernigan teaches at North Carolina State and lives in Chapel Hill.  


Learn more about these and all of our upcoming events by visiting  the events calendar on our web site.
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