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Shop Independent Durham Week! And more Present-a-Bull Books

Shop Independent Durham Week Starts Saturday!
after the darkness of Black Friday, when the corporate vampires try (but fail!) to suck all the life out of local communities, we emerge back into the sunlight of Shop Independent Durham Week. We will be joining more than 40 locally-owned businesses all over town who will be offering special discounts and promotions through Sunday December 4th to help everyone Keep Your Dough in Durham this holiday season! The Regulator will be featuring dozens of our most present-a-bull books on sale, 20% off.
More than 45% of the money you spend at The Regulator stays in Durham.  Almost none of the money you spend on amazon stays here. Keep Durham Weird and Wonderful! Shop Local!
Present-A-Bull Books--Nonfiction  

The 60s: The Story of a Decade by The New Yorker Magazine
What a boring decade the 60's were...Not! The New Yorker of course had some folks on its staff that knew how to write about it all. Add to this contributions from folks like Rachel Carson and James Baldwin (Silent Spring and The Fire Next Time both appeared first in the New Yorker), and you have the makings of an excellent anthology.

But for those of us here in Durham, this collection is worth buying for one essay alone. It's called "It Doesn't Seem Quick to Me," and it was written by a staff writer named Katherine Kinkead in April 1961. It describes a group of students from NCCU and Hillside High, organizing to picket and protest segregated seating in the Carolina Theatre (yes, the same Carolina Theatre we know today). This is breathtaking local history. Anyone involved in protests today can learn a lot from the organization, focus, and dedication of these brave souls from the early days of the civil rights movement.
The 1735 trail of a New York newspaper editor for attacking the colonial governor is a big reason freedom of expression is Number One in the list of amendments to our constitution. Ahead even of that other one that is number two...
Dead Feminists: Historic Heroines in Living Color by Chandler O'Leary and Jessica Spring
Based on the gorgeously illustrated Dead Feminists letterpress poster series, this illuminating look at 27 women who've changed the world features new art, archival photographs, and ephemera to tell the stories of feminists such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Gwendolyn Brooks, Rachel Carson, and more.
How did a young man in his twenties who had never written a novel turn out a masterpiece that still grips readers more than seventy years later? With Looking for The Stranger Alice Kaplan tells that story. In the process, she reveals Camus's achievement to have been even more impressive and more unlikely than even his most devoted readers knew.
A self-portrait by the intensely private author of the Neapolitan Quartet. Here are over 20 years of essays, letters and interviews, in which Ferrante discusses her work, motherhood, childhood, feminism, and her choice to stand aside and let her books live autonomous lives.
 Upcoming Events: Including Shop Independent Durham Week and The Regulator's 40th Anniversary!

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Saturday November 26 through Sunday December 4th
We will be joining more than 40 local businesses all over town who will be offering special discounts and promotions to help everyone Keep Your Dough in Durham this holiday season! The Regulator will have dozens of our most present-a-bull books on sale, 20% off.

Tuesday, November 29 at 7:00 PM
Elizabeth Cox will be at The Regulator Bookshop for the launch of her new book, A Question of Mercy: A Novel -- a cross-country odyssey that examines the blurred line between what is legal and what is right.
Adam Finney, a young man who is mentally disabled, faces sterilization and lobotomy in a state-supported asylum. When he is found dead in the French Broad River of rural North Carolina, his teenaged stepsister, Jess, is sought for questioning by their family and the police. Jess's odyssey of escape across four states leads into dark territories of life-and-death moral choices where compassion and grace offer faint illumination but few answers. Author Jill McCorkle provides a foreword to the novel.
Former Durham resident Elizabeth Cox is the author of poetry and short story collections and four novels. She has been recognized with the Robert Penn Warren Award and the North Carolina Fiction Award, and she has been inducted into the Fellowship of Southern Writers.

THE CAROLINA TABLE: North Carolina Writers on Food
With editor Randall Kenan and contributors Jaki Shelton Green, Emily Wallace and Jeffery Beam
Thursday, December 1 at 7:00PM
The Regulator Bookshop will host a reading and book signing of The Carolina Table: North Carolina Writers on Food  (edited and introduced by Randall Kenan) from Eno Publishers.
The Carolina Table offers a collection of food-related stories set in North Carolina, though geography is sometimes secondary to the main theme, which is food in any form: meals and manners, cooking and ingredients, recipes and recollections. Some of North Carolina's favorite writers regale us with stories: Lee Smith, Daniel Wallace, Marianne Gingher, Jill McCorkle, Jaki Shelton Green, Wayne Caldwell, Marcie Cohen Ferris, Cathy Cleary, John McElwee, Tom Rankin, Michael McFee, Stephen Petrow, Zelda Lockhart, Crook's Corner's popular chef Bill Smith, noted cookbook author Nancie McDermott, and many others.
"Read The Carolina Table and you pull up your chair to the best groaning boards in the state. Randall Kenan's choices are acute, delicious, and big-hearted. I love the family lore, the discourse on butter beans, the recipe for grape hull pie, free use of the word 'fatback,' and the elements of cleaning crab-beer, a hose, mosquitos. Most of all, I love the humor and the quirky voices of my Southern brethren." --Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun and most recently Under Magnolia: A Southern Memoir.

Saturday, December 3, 2016
The Regulator Bookshop first opened its doors to the public this weekend in 1976. Join us as we say THANK YOU to our wonderful community. We'll be raffling off some $40.00 gift certificates, and serving out anniversary cake (starting at 1:00 in the afternoon). We'll have a display of Regulator memorabilia up on the wall downstairs. And we will be donating 10% of our sales on this special day to The Durham Literacy Center and Book Harvest.
Look for news of a big Anniversary Party at Motorco in January or February!
Shop Independent Durham
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